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Ruriko-ji Temple


Ruriko-ji originated when the 16th century samurai Ouchi Yoshihiro built Koshaku-ji as the temple for holding memorial services for members of his family. In 1442, a five-storied pagoda, a type of architecture that has existed in Japan since ancient times, was built by Morimi, Yoshihiros younger brother, in memory of Yoshihiro. Mori Terumoto, who ruled this region after the decline of the Ouchi family, brought Koshaku-ji with him when he moved to a different place, leaving behind only the five-storied pagoda. In 1690, a temple named Ruriko-ji, which was located somewhere else, was moved to the location of the five-storied pagoda. This temple has been here ever since.The five-storied pagoda stands approximately 31 m high. Its wide, overhanging roof is distinguished for its gentle slope. One of the oldest five-storied pagodas in Japan, it is designated as a National Treasure. This pagoda is considered one of the most excellent buildings of the 15th and 16th centuries.'


Address: 7-1 Kozan-cho, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi
Admission Fee: Free in the temple precincts

[Bus]JR Yamaguchi Stn./Bus/5-min. ride/Kencho-mae Stop/5-min. walk

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