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Rakan-ji Temple


Rakanji Temple (羅漢寺) is one of the 3 largest Gohyakurakan (五百羅漢) in Japan. It is said that Rakanji Temple began with the religious training of the Hodo mountain hermits in year 645. Over 3,000 stone buddaha statues with a variety of expressions, including the Gohyakurakan (five hundred Rakan Buddha), welcome each visitor to the temple.


Address: 1501 Atoda Honyabakeimachi, Nakatsu-shi, Oita
Hours open to visitors: 9:00 - 17:00
Admission Fee: Temple Garden  300 yen. Round trip lift ticket 700 yen
Closed: None
Directions: From Nakatsu Station, take Daikouhokubu bus toward Yabakei, Hita and get off at Nakashima stop. 20 minutes walk from the bus top. Take route 5oo from route 212, drive for 1.5km.

[Parking] 50 parking spaces are available for free.

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