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Misaki-jinja Shrine


A jungle-like cycad forest and an old shrine on a cliff facing the Pacific

Misaki-jinja is a very old shrine built in 708 on the tip of the Cape Toi on the Nichinan-Kaigan Coast, Miyazaki. Because a mudslide blocked the path, it is not possible to reach the uppermost shrine on a steep cliff. So visitors look at the shrine from the front shrine (hall of worship) but, because the front shrine is on a side of the steep cliff, they can fully enjoy the stunning view of the blue sky and sea of the Pacific with white surging waves. The shrine is dedicated to the sea god Watatsumi-no-kami who bestows safe crossing and happy marriage. The shrine is registered as a Miyazaki sightseeing inheritance.

At about 15 minutes by car from the shrine, there is the Toi-misaki Lighthouse from which you can enjoy the superb view of the sea and feel that the earth is really round. There are also wild horses called Misaki-uma.

Cycads, a tropical and subtropical plant found in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, etc., grow wild there as the northernmost example of such forest (Special Natural Monument.) As many as 5,000 cycad trees propagating almost forming a jungle indicate the mild climate of Miyazaki Prefecture. Walking through large cycads to the shrine may be a symbolic experience of the southern land Miyazaki.


Address: Ono-Misaki, Kushima City, Miyazaki
Phone: 0987-72-0479 (Kushima City Tourism Association)
Admission Fee: free admission to the grounds
Directions: Train: 45 minutes by Kushima City Community Bus for Toi-misaki from Kushima Station on the JR Nichinan Line (45 minutes from Fukuoka Airport; 2 hours by train from Miyazaki Airport) to the terminal and 30 minutes by foot
Car: one hour and 40 minutes from Miyakonojo Interchange on the Miyazaki Expressway ; 2 hours and 50 minutes from Miyazaki Airport

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