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Kimii-dera Temple


Structures with gorgeous red decoration and solemn Buddhist images are pleasure to the eye

Wakayama City Tourist AssociationKimii-dera temple was founded in 770 by a holy priest Iko coming from China. This is a prestigious historic temple visited by successive emperors and where over 500 monks at a time underwent training during the Kamakura Period.

The name of the temple comes from its three wells: Kisshosui, Yoryusui and Shojosui in the precinct. They are included in the 100 best waters in Japan. The place is also known as a cherry blossom viewing spot where about 500 cherry trees blossom creating a joyful atmosphere.

You need to climb 231 steep stone steps to reach the main hall. However, the steps are called "Slop of marriage." It is said that the climber of the steps will be united with the person in mind. It is a hard work but finishing the climb you will see a wide view of the beautiful coast. The main hall houses a large number of Buddhist images designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan. And you can view them by paying a fee. Various historic buildings colored in bright red are also pleasure to the eye. This is the right place to get a feel for the traditional Japan.


Address: 1201 Kimiidera, Wakayama City, Wakayama
Phone: 073-444-1002
Hours open to visitors: 8:00-17:00
Admission Fee: 200 yen (adults); 100 yen (aged 70 and older); 100 yen (elementary/junior-high school student)
Directions: (Train) A 10-minute walk from Kimii-dera Station on the JR Kinokuni Line (one hour and 50 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station). (Car) 30 minutes from the Wakayama Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway.

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