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Ikegami-Honmon-ji Temple


The temple of Ikegami-Honmon-ji was established where Nichiren, a distinguished saint in Buddhist history, died in 1282. Ikegami-Honmon-ji is a very important temple for devotees of the Nichiren sect across the country. As a prominent temple in the Kanto area, it is also famed for the many well-known figures in Japanese history entombed there. Within the temple grounds stands a five-storied pagoda -- the oldest in the Kanto area -- built early in the 17th century. The pagoda was constructed in the Momoyama style of architecture, featuring the glorious artistic style of the mid-16th century. Pagodas from this era are a rarity in Japan, and this is considered a valuable building. Around 13 October, the day Nichiren departed, many people visit the temple, and on the evening of 12 October, in particular, up to 350,000 people form a queue to visit Honmon-ji to pray. The temple is also known for cherry blossoms in the springtime, when it attracts many visitors.


Address: 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee: Free in the temple precincts

[Rail]JR Tokyo Stn./ JR Yamanote Line/15-min. ride/Gotanda Stn. /Toei Subway Asakusa Line/7-min. ride/ Nishi-Magome Stn. /8-min. walk

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