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Zamami-jima Island


The island boasting the beautiful transparent seawater and coral reefs
You can travel surrounding deserted islands and enjoy the great nature

Zamami Island is located about 40 km off the coast to southwest from Naha, the main island of Okinawa. With its most of the land covered by forests, this island still preserves natural landforms such as sheer cliffs along the sea and sea beach. The island is bordered with coral reefs in the sea which boasts its beauty and high-level of transparency to the world.

There spread a number of beaches including Kozamami beach and Ama beach in the south part of the island. There are also unexplored beaches that you have to wade through flourishing plants on the way that you can enjoy some taste of adventure. You can watch beautiful landscape of vast sea with coral reefs and surrounding islands from 5 view decks set between mountainous lands. In winters, whale watching to see humpback whales travelling the surrounding sea areas attracts lots of travelers.

There are three deserted islands nearby that you can access from Zamami Island by the ferry. It may be also fun to produce your original deserted-island tour by yourself and enjoy the great nature.


Address: Zamami 109, Zamami-son, Shimajiri County, Okinawa
Phone: 098-987-2277 (Zamami Tourist Information Center)
Directions: 50 minutes on the Queen Zamami, a high-speed ferry, from Tomari Port in the main land of Okinawa (3-hour flight from Tokyo)

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