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Tengendai Highland


Enjoy outdoor sports such as climbing, trekking and skiing

At 1300 meter above sea level, Tengendai Highland is surrounded by mountains richly endowed with nature. On fine days bracing wind blows through fine views and you will fully enjoy the crisp air of the highland. You can enjoy grass skiing and mountain biking in summer and skiing and snow boarding for a long season during winter.

This is a popular place for outdoor sports including climbing. Trekking courses with many highlights such as falls, shrines and swamps are also popular. The hill is 1820 meter in its highest point and has the deepest snow in Yamagata. A slivery world of powder snow will spread before your eyes.

It is not advisable to go there by car because it could be dangerous to travel along a steep gravel road. Ropeway is commonly used. For accommodation, there is a hotspring resort with 700-year history at the base of the hill. Because there are inns with source of hot spring, you can rest your body in a relaxed manner. This may be a place for careless enjoyment both for solo trip and family trip.


Address: 12118 Sumomoyama, Yonezawa, Yamagata
Phone: 0238-55-2236
Directions: (Train) 40 minutes by Yamagata Kotsu bus for Shirabu-Tengendai from Yonezawa Station on the Yamagata Shinkansen (2 hours from Tokyo Station) and 5 minutes by ropeway from Shirabu-Yumoto-eki bus stop to the terminal (Car) One and a half hours from Fukushima-Iizaka Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway (Free parking available)

Operating hours of the ropeway are 8:20-17:00, which may be changed depending on weather conditions.

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