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Tachikue-kyo Valley


Uniquely shaped rocks and pillars composed of rocks stretch for 2 kilometers. A mountainous preserve for trace compounds.

Tachikue-kyo is a valley along the Kando-gawa River about 8 kilometers south of Izumo in Shimane. Its geographical features were created by erosion of rocks, represented by andesite, and the area is designated as a national scenic spot, as well as a natural monument. Uniquely shaped rocks and pillar rocks that tower up to 100 to 150 meters above ground continue for about 2 kilometers.

Some of the unique rocks are called Saru-iwa, Eboshi-iwa, Byobu-iwa, Okyo-iwa which looks like piled up o-kyo, or sutras, and Tenchu-ho that resembles the face of a colossal statue of Buddha as seen from the side.

The reason why there are many names related to Buddhism is because the place was used as a compound for mountain ascetics in mountain Buddhism. It's been told that in the vicinity were many buildings that enshrined Buddha. In the center of this valley is Reiko-ji Temple known for Tachikue-yakushi. Passing though the line of five hundred disciples of Buddha who attained Nirvana and one thousand Buddha in a cave here, you can see the vestiges of those days.

There is a promenade set up from the hanging bridge near the bus stop towards the upper stream for about one kilometer. There are huge colonies of iwahiba (selaginella), sekkoku (dendrobium) and sumiremo, a kind of an alga, as well as thick natural forests around them in which you can enjoy a relaxing walk.


From Tokyo:[Air]An hour 30 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Izumo Airport, and 1 hour 5 minutes form Osaka Itami Airport. Twenty-four minutes from Izumo-shi Station to Tachikue-kyo by bus. Twenty-five minutes from Izumo Airport to Izumo-shi Station by bus.

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