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Lake Onuma


A four-season resort on the caldera lake at the top of Mt. Akagi-yama

Lake Onuma is a caldera lake on the top of Mt. Akagi-yama, a famous highland resort, formed by the volcanic activities of Mt. Akagi-yama that took place about 30,000 years ago. Because it is located in the highland at an altitude of 1,350 m, snow remains around the place until around early May. However, the spring blooms at once soon after, and many events are held. There is an azalea festival in June, and Toro Nagashi, a festival to float paper lanterns on the water for the repose of the souls of the dead in summer, accompanied by gorgeous fireworks.

The temperature here is about 10 °C lower than at the foot of the mountain. Lakeside in the cool breeze is a great place for camping and playing in the water. You will never get tired of watching the splendid leaves covering the mountains in autumn. The fishing season for Japanese smelt starts in September. The entire surface of the lake will freeze up in January, so you can enjoy smelt fishing on the lake by boring a hole into the ice, which is about 10 cm thick. Waiting for signs of fish in a special tent called a katatsumuri (snail) will certainly be an especially entertaining experience. There are also other winter sports to be enjoyed, such as snowshoe hiking and playing in the snow at Mt. Akagi-yama First Ski Park.


Address: Akagisan, Fujimi-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gumma
Phone: 027-288-7038 (Maebashi City Mt. Akagi-yama Tourist Information Center)
Directions: [Rail] From JR Maebashi Station (1 hour and 15 minutes from Tokyo Station) take a Kan-Etsu Kotsu Bus bound for Fujimi Onsen and ride for 30 minutes to the last stop, then take a bus (bound for Akagi-yama Visitor Center) and ride for 45 minutes to Akagi-Hiroba Mae bus stop; Lake Onuma is less than one minute away on foot.

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