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Precipices curved by sea waves are artworks of nature

Onigajo is a landscace along a coast facing Kumanonada. Caves of various sizes and strange rocks curved by the waves of the sea over many years look like contemporary artworks. The path to the top of a hill is lined with cherry trees that turn the place pink in spring.

The name "Onigajo (Demon castle)" originates from a legend that Sakanoue Tamuramaro (a military commander: 758-811) concoured pirates feared as "Demons." The place used to be called "Oni-no-iwaya" but Arima Tadachika who governed Kumano during the Muromachi Period (1336-1573) built a castle here and named it Onigajo, which is the origine of the current name. Today there is a castle ruin on the top of the hill.

The place was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site as part of "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" in 2004. Walking a hyking cource across the area, you can fully enjoy the landscape of the sea and mountain with ancient atmosphere.


Address: Kinomoto-cho, Kumano, Mie
Phone: 059-224-5904(Mie Prefectural Tourism Association)
Directions: (Train) 5 minutes by bus from Kumano City Station on the JR Kisei Honsen (3 hours from Nagoya Station) to Onigajo Higashiguchi bus stop (Car) One hour and 40 minutes from Kiseiouchiyama Interchage on the Kisei Expressway (Free parking available).

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