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Kujuku-shima Islands


Intricate topography along a saw-toothed coastline. Two hundred and eight islands of various sizes are situated in this area.

The islands scattered along the western side of the Kita-Matsu-ura-hanto Peninsula in the western Nagasaki are called the Kujuku (ninety-nine)-shima Islands. In actuality, there are some two hundred and eight islands, both large and small, dotting the 25-kilometer-long indented saw-toothed coastline stretching from Sasebo to Hirado, creating one of the best scenic spots in Saikai National Park.

Because these islands are designated as a national park, the beautiful scenery and rich natural environment have been protected and nurtured. Most of the islands are uninhabited, and nature untouched by human hands is still abundant. Intricate topography, gentle waves lapping at the inlets, the sun slowly setting into the sea - the beauty of nature is there to be enjoyed. The Minami (southern) Kujuku-shima Islands, near Sasebo, express a gracious feminine scenery, but in the northern part, near Hirado, the view is more masculine and dramatic.

Within Sasebo City there are many observatories from which you can enjoy a view of the beautiful green islands floating in the deep blue sea, and such sights as at Tenkai-ho, Funakoshi, Mt. Ishi-dake and Mt. Hiyamizu-dake. Embrace the beauty of the sea more closely on a 50-minute boat tour of the islands, departing from the Saikai Pearl Sea Resort in Kashimae-cho.


From Tokyo:[Air]1h 50 min from Haneda to Nagasaki Airport, and 1h 20 min from the airport to Sasebo Station by bus. 25 min from Sasebo Station to Kujuku-shima by bus for Kashi-mae Kankosen-sanbashi or for Saikai Pearl Sea Resort.
From Osaka:[Air]1h 10 min from Itami to Nagasaki Airport.

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