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Japan Rhine (Gifu)


Dynamic beauty of a gully curved by torrent and fireworks display with the atmonsphere of summer in Japan

The gully along the Kiso River from Gifu to Aichi is named Japan Rhein because its landscape resembles the Rhein River in Europe. A 60-kilometer along the Hida River and Kiso River from Masuda-gun, Gifu, to Inuyama, Aichi is the first place in the country to be designated as a beautiful park with river and known as a gully with beautiful views nationwide. Rapids rush through steep cliffs from Mino-Ota to Inuyama Bridge, and flow to a place where the river is deep and flows slowly. Rare scenic beauty of the majestic river with strange rocks will catch your eye.

Every August, Japan Rhein Summer Fireworks Festival is held in Inuyama, Aichi. 3000 fireworks set off from boats against a backdrop of National Treasure Inuyama Castle create a unique atmosphere. This is a popular event that attracts about a quarter million visitors every year. Japan Rhein is a spot where you can enjoy views in four seasons such as wild cherry blossoms in spring, colored leaves in autumn and snow in winter.


Address: Imawatari, Kani city, Gifu
Phone: 0568-61-2825 (Inuyama City Tourist Association)
Directions: 5 minutes by car from Mino-ota station on the JR Takayama Line (one hour from Nagoya).

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