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Toi-misaki Visitor Center


A cape where you will feel comforted with 130cm-tall wild horses living freely and nature beautiful in each season

Cape Toi projecting into the Pacific Ocean is at the southernmost part of the Nichinan-kaigan Coast. Its natural environment has been well preserved. The white lighthouse standing on the cliff 255 meters above sea level has been watching out for the safety of marine traffic since 1929 when it was first lighted. Cape Toi Visiter Center is situated in this rich natural environment.

The main feature of the place is wild horses called Misaki-uma. It is said that the Misaki-uma are the descendants of army horses left grazing by Manabe Clan that governed the district from the last half of the 16th century during the Edo Period. They then became wild and are now designated as a Natural Monument in 1958 as pure horses indigenous to Japan. Misaki-uma is as small as 130cm both in height and length and famous for their loveliness.

The center exhibits a diorama depicting the place during the Edo Period and a large 120-inch screen to display the ecology of Misaki-uma and landscape scenes on the cape in four seasons. There is a natural forest of about 3000 cycad trees. Feeling as if you are strolling through a tropical forest is one of the pleasures of traveling the place.


Address: 42-1 Ono, Kushima, Miyazaki
Phone: 0987-76-1546
Hours open to visitors: 9:00-17:00(-19:00 during Fire Festival)
Admission Fee: 310yen (adults); 200 yen (elementary/junior-high school students)
Closed: Mondays (On the following day if Monday falls on a national holiday)
Directions: (Train) 40 minutes by Kushima City Community Bus Toi-misaki Line from Kushima Station on the JR Nichinan Line (4 hours and 40 minutes from JR Hakata Station) and 8 minutes by foot from the bus stop Toi-misaki. (Car) one hour and 30 minutes from Sooyagoro Interchange on the Higashi-Kyushu Expressway (Parking with charge).

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