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Tochigi Kenritsu Nikko Shizen Hakubutsukan


Nikko Natural Museum (Nikko Shizen Hakubutsukan) showcases the different ecosystems of Nikko, Japans leading scenic resort: the systems of nature and those of human beings. The display room featuring natural systems, with a theme of Living Beings in Nature, uses photographs to show the beauty of Nikko's four seasons, and reproduces by body sonic the dynamism of the Kegon-no-taki Falls, Nikko's most famous falls, as well as the Ryuzu-no-taki Falls and other waterfalls. Displays on human systems feature a theme of Living in Nikko and traces the growth of Nikko by describing how the Tosho-gu Shrine, designated a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site, was constructed, and how Nikko developed into a summer resort for the diplomats from many countries. Visitors may view the film The Eternal Four Seasons of Nikko in 20 m-wide multi-screen format to get an idea of the four seasons in Nikko.'


Address: 2480-1 Chugushi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
Admission Fee: 500 yen (regular fee)
Closed: Mondays (if the Monday is a national holiday, the following Tuesday), New Years holidays (Dec. 29-Jan. 3)'

[Bus]Tobu Nikko Stn./Bus/60-min. ride/Chuzenji-onsen Eki Stop/1-min. walk

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