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Hoppo Bunka Hakubutsukan


Hoppo Bunka Hakubutsukan (The Museum of Northern Culture) utilizes a building once owned by the Ito family, a farming family that was the largest and richest in this area. The building is a large Japanese-style wooden house built on a 29,200 square meter site. The house has 65 rooms and 3,960 square meters of floor space. Records say that it was built from 1885 to 1887. Though it is somewhat worn by the elements, the building retains vestiges of those earlier times. The museum houses the Shuko-kan, an exhibition hall with a collection of artworks such as paintings, sculptures, calligraphy, and ceramics gathered by the successive heads of the family. An Archaeological Information Hall houses both archaeological artifacts unearthed in this area and documents handed down through the generations of the family. The garden created in the traditional Japanese style is also well worth a visit.


Address: 2-15-25 Soumi, Konan-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata
Admission Fee: 800 yen (regular fee)
Closed: Open throughout the year

[Bus]JR Niitsu Stn./Bus/15-min. ride/Kamisoumi hakubutsukan mae Stop/3-min.walk

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