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Bansuisou Villa (Ehime Kenritsu Bijutsukan Bunkan Kyodo Bijutsukan)


Bansuisou Villa is sited on the side of the mountain Shiro-yama, a short distance from the busy heart of the city of Matsuyama. The building was originally constructed in 1922 as a villa by Sadakoto Hisamatsu, the son of the lord of the Matsuyama clan that governed this region until some 130 years ago. Hisamatsu lived in France for many years as a military attache, and the building is constructed in a purely French architectural style. Opened in 1979 as an art museum, it displays mainly works by artists from Aichi Prefecture. The exhibition room on the second floor features a permanent exhibit of work by Heihachiro Fukuda, regarded as a master of modern Nihonga.


Address: 3-3-7 Ichiban-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime

[Rail]JR Matsuyama Stn./Iyo Tetsudo Shinai Densha (street car)/15-min. ride/Ichiban-cho Stn./2-min. walk

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