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Shogawa-onsen-kyo hot springs


The hot spring village along a river soothes our mind

Comfortable murmuring of the Shogawa moistens our hearts. Shiny tender green is followed by bright red leaves filling the gorge of the Shogawa River, where the hot spring retreat is located. Around Shogawa Seiryu Onsen that was jointly drilled by six facilities, there are the hot-spring resort retaining the atmosphere of a health resort since the Edo period(1603-1868) and tourist hotels with modern equipment. Most of them have tasteful open-air baths. Some of them offer sweet fish of the Shogawa in early summer and Chinese lemon bath in winter to enjoy the fragrance of the fruits.

The town of Shogawa has been long known for pure water and woodwork. Shogawa Water Memorial Park with "Shogawa Wood Plaza" featuring the water and woodwork is a park for casual enjoyment of the view of Shogawa Gorge and the source of Shogawa Seiryu Hot Spring. With a facility of footbath, the park serves as a base of sightseeing in the area. Uriwarishozu (gourd-breaking water) pouring out nearby is one of the 100 most excellent natural water sources in Japan designated by the Ministry of Environment. The name derives from a legend that the water was so cold that a gourd was broken. The water has a reputation that it makes dishes delicious.


Address: Shogawa-machi Kanaya, Tonami City, Toyama
Phone: 0763-33-7666 (Tonami City Tourist Association)
Directions: Train: 28 minutes by Kaetsunou Bus from JR Johana Line Tonami Station (4 hours from Nagoya; one hour from Toyama Airport) to Shogawa-machi stop, etc.
Car: 10 minutes from Tonami Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway

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