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Bessho-onsen Hot Spring


Trying out several hot springs after visiting the shrines and temples is a staple of this resort

(c) NPTABessho Onsen is one among the many wonderful hot springs in Nagano, with an ancient and honorable origin as one of the oldest hot spring resorts in Japan. The resort is also part of the temple town of Kitamuki Kannon, which is said to be a place that can answer prayers for protection against danger. There are many historic monuments including National Treasures, Important Cultural Properties and other shrines and temples. Many people relieve their fatigue in hot springs after visiting the sights and visiting the temples and shrines.

Bessho Onsen is a resort which was developed around public baths, and still has public baths such as Ishi-yu, O-yu, Daishi-yu, and O-yu. Visiting these baths one after another is a popular way of enjoying the place. Each bath has a wonderful appearance, just like temples. Inside, you will see fresh hot water flowing out from gorgeous rock baths. As the fee is only 150 yen per bath it is no wonder that they are so popular.

As the hot springs well up in the Aizome River flowing from between the two mountains of Megami Peak (Goddess Peak) and Ogami Peak (God Peak), they are also called "matchmaking hot springs." There is a large Japanese Judas tree that has lived for 1200 years on the grounds of Kitamuki Kannon Temple. The tree has the name "Aizenkatsura" as it is believed to have matchmaking powers.


Address: Bessho Onsen, Ueda City, Nagano
Phone: 0268-38-3510 (Bessho Spa Tourism Association)
Directions: Train: 5-minute walk from Bessho Onsen Station on the Ueda Dentetsu Bessho Line (one hour and 50 minutes from Tokyo Station)
Car: 30 minutes from Uedasugadaira Interchange on the Joshin Expressway

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