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Enjoy a splendid view of Mt. Yatsugatake and local specialty ice cream
At the place deeply associated with Paul Rush who led the development of Kiyosato

Seisen-ryo is located 1380 meters above sea level in the grand nature of Mt. Yatsugatake. When it was built in 1938, the facility is used for Christian training led by Dr. Paul Rush who was called the father of Kiyosato development. Now there are also accommodation facilities, a natural hot spring spar opened in 2009, a shop selling soft-serve ice cream and Jersey milk and Paul Rush Museum introducing his achievements. The place that is often used for movie shooting has an idyllic atmosphere with small brown Jersey cattle grazing.

The red peaked roof of the main building that has shared the history with the development of Kiyosato is a landmark of the place. The X mark at the entrance of the main building is a cross of Saint Andrew, a Christian patron saint. The cross and the red peaked roof are symbols of Seisen-ryo. In front of the main building stands a bronze statue of Dr. Paul Rush facing Mt.Fuji he loved. There is an endless line of people taking a commemorative photo during all seasons. Soft-served ice cream of Seisen-ryo that was founded by Paul Rush is the featured product of Seisen-ryo. The Emperor and Empress visited the place in August 2005.


Address: 3545 Takane-cho Kiyosato, Hokuto, Yamanashi
Phone: 0551-48-2111
Hours open to visitors: 9:00-17:00 (-18:00 during summer); vary depending on the facility and season
Closed: Open throughout the year (vary depending on the facility)
Directions: (Train) 6 minutes by Kiyosato Picnic bus from Kiyosato Station on the JR Koume Line (3 hours and 20 minutes from Tokyo) and a short walk from Seisen-ryo bus stop (three complimentary shuttle services a day). (Car) 20 minutes from Nagasaka Interchange on the Chuo Expressway.

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