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Shiozawa Tsumugi spinning/Hon-Shiozawa


Shiozawa-tsumugi and Hon-Shiozawa are high quality silks produced in the Shiozawa region of Niigata Prefecture, where traditional weaving techniques are still used. Shiozawa-tsumugi and Hon-Shiozawa have been designated traditional crafts by the Japanese government. Shiozawa-tsumugi is based on kinu chijimi (silk crepe) which utilizes a technique employed for hemp textiles such as Echigo-chijimi. Hon-Shiozawa is given a distinctive silky finish using hatcho twisted yarn, for which yarns are twisted seven to eight times more tightly than normal yarn. The fabric is then used for making kimono.


Address: Shiozawa Tsumugi Memorial Hall:1227-1 Shiozawa, Minami-uonuma-shi, Niigata

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