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Naruko kokeshi dolls


Naruko kokeshi dolls are simple wooden toys fashioned to look like a person, and a specialty of the regions around the Narugo Spa in Naruko-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, where up to 80 kokeshi doll craftsmen are working. Naruko kokeshi dolls have distinctive broad shoulders and a thick torso, and are painted with a fringe on the head and chrysanthemums on the body. A good balance between the head and body of the dolls gives them a sense of stability and weight. The head is not fixed but simply inserted into the torso, and squeaks when turned, a feature unique to Naruko kokeshi dolls. The dolls were designated a traditional craft in 1981.


Address: Japan Kokeshi Museum:74-2 Azashitomae, Naruko-onsen, Osaki-shi, Miyagi

[Car]JR Naruko-onsen Station/Taxi/5 min.

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