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Naracalligraphy brushes


Nara was the capital of Japan, known as Heijokyo, from 714 to 794. In those days Nara was the center of both politics and culture, and it was then that craftsmen in Nara began to produce calligraphy brushes. Tradition has it that brush-making began when the monk Kukai, who had contributed greatly to disseminating Buddhism in Japan and was also an excellent calligrapher, introduced a brush-making method following his studies abroad in China. Brush-making here features everything from ordinary brushes for everyday writing to high quality brushes used by calligraphers, and there are also specialty shops that sell nothing but brushes. Production of brushes continues even to this day in the cities of Nara and Yamato-Koriyama as a traditional cottage industry, and Nara-fude was designated a traditional craft in 1977.


Address: Azemame-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

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