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Murakami Kibori Tsuishu (carved Lacquerware)


The city of Murakami in Niigata Prefecture is an old castle town. Tradition has it that about 600 years ago, a lacquer craftsman invited from Kyoto for the construction of a temple began making lacquerware here. Murakami-bori-tsuishu carved lacquerware appeared around 200 years ago, when a samurai who was transferred to Edo (now Tokyo) learned the technique of choshitsu (lacquer carving) involving the carving of items coated with multiple layers of lacquer. Nowadays, lacquer workers here produce tiered boxes, trays, vases and confectionery dishes, all characterized by detailed carving on their surface. Murakami carved lacquerware was designated a traditional craft in 1976.


Address: Murakami Tsuishu Association:3-1-17 Matsubara-cho, Murakami-shi, Niigata

[Walk]JR Murakami Stn. / 5-min. walk

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