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Bizen ware


Bizen is the old name for the area that is now Okayama Prefecture, and ceramics produced in the southeast of Okayama Prefecture are generally known as Bizen ware. Inbe ware is a typical example. Inbe ware is fired for a long period in the kiln without glaze, creating subtle gradations in a distinctive seasoned coloring. The warmth and depth of this ware are another reason for its popularity. Everyday goods produced include plates, pots, jars and bowls. Bizen-yaki is one of the leading pottery wares in Japan, and was designated a traditional craft in 1982.


Address: Okayama Bizen Ceramics Toyu-kai:1657-7 Inbe, Bizen-shi, Okayama

[Walk]JR Imbe Stn. / 1-min. walk

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