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Shukukei-en Garden


Shukukei-en was created in 1620 by Asano Nagaakira, then ruler of this region, as a garden for his villa. The garden is said to have been modeled exactly on Lake Xihu, a sightseeing resort in Hangzhou, China. In the center of the garden is a lake known as Takuei-chi with more than ten islets. As the garden is strategically arranged with valleys, bridges, little houses and other structures, visitors can enjoy changing views while walking along a path. Designed to represent scenic views such as high mountains, deep valleys, and broad expanses of beach, the garden gives the impression of being far larger than it actually is.


Address: 2-11 Kami-Nobori-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Admission Fee: 250 yen
Closed: 29 Dec.-31
2 Jan.-3

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