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Shonai Kagura


There are 12 different Kagura currently and there are two different schools, Shonai district and Asono district. They both have fast rhythm and lively whistles and drums are grand and beautiful.


Address: 1400 Otatsu Shonaicho, Yufu-shi (Kagura Stage in Shonai Athletic Park ), Oita
Hours open to visitors: Regularly Scheduled Performances: the third Saturday in May through October. ※They take turns and each plays 2 performances. Jonai Kagura Festival is on 11/3.
Admission Fee: 300 yen for regularly scheduled performances. (500 yen for August and November)
Directions: 10 minutes by car from Tenjinyama Station on JR Kyudai Main Line.

[Parking] Parking spaces available in the Jonai Athletic Park.

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