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A wide variety of exciting and distinct ethnic restaurants. Diverse wholesale shopping for textiles and other products.

Semba is a town of commerce and money surrounded by rivers on its three sides. The name Semba (ship's place) stems from the presence of a wharf there when canals were excavated and merchants were gathered to run Osaka, the then capital of a feudal lord's fief, in the 16th century. The area has a grid of "Tori" (streets) from east to west and "Suji" (avenues) from south to north. The streets ("Tori") are lined with textile, sundry goods, cosmetic and other wholesalers, where the avenues ("Suji") form a business center clustered with banks, stockbrokers' offices and other business firms.

At Minami Semba on the north side of the subway station Shinsaibashi are many recently opened retail shops selling clothes, bags, stationery, tableware, sundry goods and other items. Not a few carries goods distinguished from what you find at department stores, attracting trend-conscious people.

Semba also has unique restaurants, coffee shops and bars around, with ethnic restaurants newly opened one after another where you can enjoy Thai, Vietnam, Indonesian and other Asian cuisines. The interiors of many restaurants are decorated in fancy design, and they serve foods of different countries so that they draw many, mostly young, people.


From Tokyo:[Rail]About 2 hours and 30 minutes to Shin Osaka Station from Tokyo Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line. About 6 minutes from Umeda Station to Shinsaibashi Station by subway.

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