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Shuri Castle


Shuri Castle (Shuri-jo) is believed to have been built in the 14th century by King Satto, who ruled here. Major repairs were subsequently carried out and it was used for many years as the castle of the kings of Ryukyu. The castle grounds measured roughly 410 m east to west and about 270 m north to south, and there were eight Chinese-style gates. Everything was destroyed in 1945 during WWII bombing. Shurei Gate, reconstructed in 1958, has red-colored tiles on the two-layered roofs, which are set in white lime, retaining a beauty unique to Okinawa. Many tourists visit the castle as one of the most important buildings in Okinawa.


Address: 1-2, Shuri-Kinjo-cho, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Admission Fee: 800 yen
Closed: First Wednesday of July and the next day

[Rail]Naha Airport/Yui rail (Mono rail)/30 min./Shuri Station/On foot/15min.[Bus]Naha Airport/Bus/30 min./Shurijo-koen-mae Bus Stop/On foot/10 min.

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