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Okazaki Castle


Okazaki Castle (Okazaki-jo) was built over a four-year period by a daimyo from the Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture around the middle of the 15th century. The moat, which remains to this day, is from the time when the castle was built. Tokugawa Ieyasu, who began the Edo shogunate at the beginning of the 17th century, was born in this castle. His father, Matsudaira Hirotada, who governed this region, lived here. It was destroyed when political power passed from the shogunate to the Meiji Government, as it symbolized the political power of the samurai. The existing five-tiered donjon was reconstructed in 1959. Information relating to Okazaki Castle is exhibited inside the donjon.


Address: 561 Kosei-cho, Okazaki-shi, Aichi
Admission Fee: 200 yen
Closed: Dec. 29-Jan. 1

[Walk]Meitetsu Higashiokazaki Station/On foot/15 min.

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