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Hachiman Castle


Hachiman Castle (Hachiman-jo) was built around the middle of the 16th century by Lord Endo, who governed this region. Subsequently it changed hands frequently due to war. Major restorations were carried out, and the outworks and outermost outworks of the castle were prepared. The castle was ultimately demolished (as it symbolized the political power of samurai) when power changed over from the Edo shogunate to the Meiji government. The existing donjon was built in 1933, modeled on that of Ogaki Castle. The streets of Gujo-Hachiman can be seen quite clearly from the donjon.


Address: Yanagi-machi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo-shi, Gifu
Admission Fee: 300 yen
Closed: Dec. 20-Jan. 10

[Bus]Nagaragawa Railway Gujo-Hachiman Station/Bus/10 min./Jyokamachi-Plaza/On foot/20 min.

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