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Echizen Ono Castle


Echizen Ono Castle (Echizen Ono-jo) stands on a small hill overlooking the city of Ono. It was built in 1580 by the daimyo Kanamori Nagachika. It changed hands time and time again due to war and the political measures enforced by the shogunate in Edo. The last governor was Lord Doi, who stayed on until the castle was demolished by the Meiji government. The original stone wall and other remnants can be seen at the castle site. The two-tiered donjon was reconstructed in 1968, and information relating to the castle is exhibited inside.


Address: Shiro-machi, Ono-shi, Fukui
Admission Fee: 200 yen
Closed: Dec. 1-Mar. 31

[Walk]JR Echizen-Ono Station/On foot/20 min.

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