Food & Crafts

Located on the Inland Sea, Himeji is blessed with an abundance of choice fresh seafood. Seafood lovers take note. Sake lovers, too, for Himeji is known for its many brands of local sake, made from Yamada nishiki rice, which is said to be the best for making sake.

Tamatsubaki, a camellia-shaped sweet with a black-eyed pea filling, is another local favorite.
Skilled crafts have been much a part of Himeji history and local artisans still produce a variety of outstanding products. For 51 generations, the Myochin family has been making specially tempered metal products. As wind chimes and door chimes, Myochin hibashi (tongs) are famous for their inimitable silvery sound.

Always popular are the colorful hand-painted masks and toys of Himeji hariko (papier-mache), each made using techniques brought from China in the 16th century. Wooden Himeyama dolls, with their old-fashioned page-boy hairdos and sweet expressions, are also each carved by hand. Handlathed Himeji tops are prized for their lovely shapes and colors and for spinning a long time. And Himeji leather goods, especially those made of white leather, are known worldwide for their elegance and quality.

Information: Call the Tourist Information Center at 079-287-0003.

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