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Special Interest Travel Tips

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Special Interest Travel Tips

Japan is a treasure chest for special interest tours.
A rich history thousands of years old has influenced all aspects of culture, creating a country that embraces modern technology in one hand, and balances this with time-honored customs in the other.
Japan is rich in tradition and arts, full of historical buildings, unique performing arts and action-packed festivals. Japan is also a nature-lover's paradise, offering everything from spectacular mountain ranges that challenge climbers to rivers that test anglers.
Whatever the activity, rest assured that a soothing hot spring is never too far away.
So create your own special tour and open the treasure chest to the real Japan, where the people are warm and hospitable in welcoming visitors from all over the world.

Choose facilities from this library for your Special Interest Tours.

Traditional Craft
Architecture and Preserved streets
Geisha and Maiko
Home visit
Literature and Language
Food and Beverage
Tea ceremony and Flower arrangement
Japanese gardens and Bonsai
Performing Arts
Religion, Philosophy and Customs
Annual Events
World Heritage Sites
Technology and Industry
Hot Springs