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3-Day Model Trip FOCUS / Boshin War and the Byakko-tai

Southern Tohoku

3-Day Model Trip FOCUS / Southern Tohoku / Boshin War and the Byakko-tai (

The war waged in 1968 and 1869 between the New Government Army and the Old Bakufu (Shogunate) was called the Boshin War. The Aizu feudal lord of the time, Matsudaira Katamori, had been appointed by the Shogunate to maintain the rule of law in Kyoto, and he swore undying loyalty to the family of the Shogun. Because of this, he was attacked by the New Government Army. The feudal lord's teenage soldiers, called the Byakko-tai ("White Tiger Squad") fought for him at this time. This group consisted of young soldiers of only 16 and 17 years old, and when they saw flames rising from in front of the castle, they mistook this for the fall of the castle. All 19 are said to have committed suicide on Mt. Iimori-yama. However, one narrowly escaped death, and later explained what had happened.