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3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses


3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses / Setouchi /


Course A

Matsuyama - Shimanami-kaido Highway - Onomichi - Fukuyama

Course B

Hiroshima Castle - Atomic Bomb Dome - Itsukushima Shrine - Matsuyama Castle - Dogo Hot Spring - Uchiko

Course A:Matsuyama - Shimanami-kaido Highway - Onomichi - Fukuyama

First take a morning hot spring bath at Dogo-onsen Hot Spring, which is open from early in the morning. Then enjoy the view of the Setouchi Islands from Shimanami-kaido Highway, and go on to Onomichi, which forms the backdrop to numerous Japanese films. From Fukuyama, visit Tomonoura, a port town that waits on the turning of the tide. This tour takes you around Setouchi.

  • DAY1

    Dogo-onsen Hot Spring - (20 minutes by Iyo Tetsudo Line) - Matsuyama - (35 minutes by JR Line) - Imabari - (30 minutes by bus) - O-shima Island , Yoshimicho Yakubamae (the town hall in Yoshimicho), - sightseeing in the town (Noshimamura Kamisuigun Shiryokan Museum etc.) - (35 minutes by bus) - Miyaura-ko Port in Omi-shima Island - sightseeing in the town (Oyamazumi-jinja Shrine etc.) - (25 minutes by bus) - Setoda-ko Port in Ikuchi-jima Island - sightseeing in the town - Kozan-ji Temple - (1 hour by bus) - Onomichi Station

  • DAY2

    Onomichi - sightseeing in the town (Senko-ji-koen Park, Senko-ji Temple, Ten'ne-iji Temple, Jodo-ji Temple etc.) - (20 minutes by JR Line) - Fukuyama - (overnight)

  • DAY3

    Fukuyama - sightseeing in the town (Fukuyama Castle, Myo-o-in Temple etc.) - (35 minutes by bus) - Tomonoura - sightseeing in the town (Taichoro Tower, Tomoshichi-Kyo-ochi ruins etc.) - (35 minutes by bus) - Fukuyama

Access from Osaka

Getting There:
Matsuyama Airport is a 50 minutes flight from Osaka Itami Airport. Matsuyama Station is 20 minutes from Matsuyama Airport by Iyo Tetsudo bus.
Shin Osaka Station is 1 hour 10 minutes from Fukuyama Station by JR Sanyo Shinkansen Line.


Course B:Hiroshima Castle - Atomic Bomb Dome - Itsukushima Shrine - Matsuyama Castle - Dogo Hot Spring - Uchiko

Hiroshima Prefecture is a rare prefecture in that it has two seemingly opposed world cultural heritage sites. Itsukushima Shrine with a history of 1,400 years, and the Atomic Bomb Dome appealing to the cruelty of nuclear weapons. Moreover, you can enjoy the historic structure and park such as Hiroshima Castle (national treasure) and Shukkeien Garden.
At the Matsuyama Castle in Ehime Prefecture which is designated as an important national cultural assets, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Matsuyama City from the castle's keep. After easing your fatigue at Dogo Hot Spring, the oldest hot spring in Japan, in the middle of your travel, you can visit the surrounding area of Uchiko Town to enjoy an old and beautiful Japanese cityscape.

  • DAY1

    (Approx. 10 minutes on foot from JR Hiroshima Station) - Shukkeien Garden - Hiroshima Castle - Hiroshima Museum of Art - Kamiya-cho - Atomic Bomb Dome - Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park - (approx. 45 minutes from Gembaku Dome-mae Station to Hiroden-miyajima-guchi Station by Hiroden street car) - (approx. 10 minutes from Miyajima-guchi Pier to Miyajima Pier by ferry) - Itsukushima Shrine - (back to Miyajima-guchi Pier) - (approx. 30 minutes from JR Miyajima-guchi Station to JR Hiroshima Station by the JR line) - Hiroshima City (stay overnight)

  • DAY2

    (Approx. 28 minutes from Hiroshima Station to Hiroshima-ko Station by Hiroden street car) - (approx. 1 hour from Hiroshima Port to Matsuyama Tourist Port by high-speed ferry SUPERJET) - (30 minutes to Okaido by limousine bus, and then 5 minutes on foot to the Matsuyama Castle ropeway terminal) - Matsuyama Castle - (5 minutes on foot to Okaido Station by the Iyo Railway city tram, and then 10 minutes to Dogo Hot Spring Station by city tram) - Dogo Hot Spring (stay overnight)

  • DAY3

    Dogo Hot Spring - (approx. 5 minutes by bus) - Ishiteji Temple - (approx. 30 minutes to JR Matsuyama Station by bus) - (approx. 25 minutes to Uchiko Station by the JR Yosan Line, and then approx. 15 minutes on foot from the station) - Uchikoza (kabuki theater) - (approx. 10 minutes on foot) - cityscape of Yokaichi Gokoku - (back to JR Uchiko Station on foot, approx. 25 minutes to Matsuyama Station by the JR Yosan Line, and then approx. 15 minutes from the station to Matsuyama Airport by limousine bus)