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3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses


3-Day Model Trip OPTIONAL Courses / Hokuriku /

Course A:Tateyama, Kurobe Alpine Route and Mt. Goka-yama

This course takes in Mt. Goka-yama, which is famous for buildings in the gassho-zukuri style, as well as the natural scenery of one of Japan's biggest mountains on the Kurobe Tateyama Alpine Route.

  • DAY1

    Shinano-omachi - (40 minutes by bus) - Ogisawa - (16 minutes by trolley bus) - Kurobe dam - (walk 20 minutes) - Lake Kurobe-ko - (5 minutes by cable car) - Kurobe-daira - (7 minutes by ropeway) - Daikanho Peak - (10 minutes by trolley bus) - Murodo - (10 minutes by bus) - Bijo-daira - (7 minutes by cable car) - Tateyama - (1 hour by Toyama Chiho Tetsudo Line ) - Dentetsu Toyama Station (overnight)

  • DAY2

    Toyama - (19 minutes by JR Hokuriku Honsen Line) - Takaoka - (1 hour 40 minutes by bus) - Ainokuraguchi (Mt. Goka-yama) (overnight)

  • DAY3

    Ainokuraguchi (Mt. Goka-yama) - (1 hour 42 minutes by bus) - Takaoka

    *Underlined transport facilities do not operate between December to early April (the exact dates of the beginning and end of these services may vary according to the year).

Access from Tokyo

Getting There:
Limited Express on JR Chuo Honsen Line, taking 3 hours 15 minutes to Shinano-omachi Station from Shinjuku Station.
(By air):Limited Express on the Hokuriku Honsen Line, taking 45 minutes to Komatsu Station from Takaoka Station. Twelve minutes by shuttle bus from Komatsu Station to Komatsu Airport. Fly 1 hour to Tokyo Haneda Airport from Komatsu Airport.
(By train):Limited Express on the JR Hokuriku Honsen Line, taking 2 hours from Takaoka Station to Echigoyuzawa Station. An hour 30 minutes on the JR Joetsu Shinkansen Line from Echigoyuzawa Station to Tokyo station.

Access from Kansai International Airport

Getting There:
Shuttle bus, taking 1 hour 20 minutes from Kansai International Airport to Osaka Itami Airport. Fly 55 minutes from Osaka Itami Airport to Matsumoto. Shuttle bus, taking 30 minutes from Matsumoto Airport to Matsumoto Station. Thirty-eight minutes on the JR Oito Line from Matsumoto Station to Shinano-omachi Station.
Limited Express on the JR Hokuriku Honsen Line, taking 2 hours 53 minutes to Shin Osaka Station from Takaoka Station. Limited Express Line on the JR Kansai Kuko Line, taking 1 hour 5 minutes to Kansai International Airport from Shin Osaka Station.