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3-Day Model Trip FOCUS

3-Day Model Trip FOCUS / Fuji Hakone and Izu / The representative hot spring resort in Japan with mild climate

Atami is situated at the eastern joint of the Izu-hanto Peninsula. The name means the "hot sea", which derives from discovery of hot spring gushing from the seabed. When a railway between Kozu and Atami was constructed, Atami was deluged with visitors as the "back-room parlor of Tokyo". It has developed as the most representative hot spring resort in Japan. The must-sees include the Oyukan-kessen geyser believed to have been discovered by a high priest Bankan-shonin in the 8th century, a Japanese plum garden with the earliest bloomers in Japan that blossom in December, and the MOA Museum of Art that collects 3,500 pieces of art works. The coastline is fringed with hemp palm trees, giving off the atmosphere of a semitropical paradise.