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Taketa Area竹田エリア


The area called "Little Kyoto" in Kyushu by locals. A castle town with abundant fresh spring water.

Taketa, located in a southwestern part of Oita, is a castle town from which Mt. Kuju can be viewed. The Oka Castle, positioned at a place rimmed by deep ravines with a steep cliff, was built in 1185 according to a record. The only remains reminiscent of its heyday are the ruins of its keep and western tower and the high rock piles on the sides of cliffs. The Aso montains and Mt. Kuju can be viewed from the ruins of the keep of the castle.

With many historical sites including Buke-Yashiki, or samurais' residences of the olden days, Taketa is called "Small Kyoto in Kyushu". It is reputed for its fresh spring water, and specialties featuring river fish and those featuring chicken indigenous to the city are served at many eating places in Taketa.

"Juroku Rakan" or sixteen stone figures of Buddhist disciples who swore to uphold Buddha's teachings stand on a huge rock by the stone steps leading to the entrance of the Kan'non-ji Temple. A promenade named "Historical Road" runs from a spot near the sixteen store figures to the ruins of the Oka Castle. Taketa also has the Taketa-City Rekishi Shiryo-kan(historical museum) in commemoration of the painter Tanomura Chikuden(1777-1835), a cave chapel of Christians in feudal Japan, the Old Heuse of famous composer Rentaro Taki designated as a Historical Site.


From Tokyo :
[Air] An hour and 40 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Oita Airport. An hour from Osaka Itami Airport. Fifty-five minutes by bus from Oita Airport to Oita Station. An hour from Oita Station to Bungo Taketa Station by a Limited Express on the JR Main Hohi Line.

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