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Hakuba / Azumino白馬・安曇野(あずみの)

Winter activities of skiing and trekking can be enjoyed throughout the year. A magnificent view of the Japanese Alps

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Winter activities of skiing and trekking can be enjoyed throughout the year. A magnificent view of the Japanese Alps

Hakuba is a highland resort, stretching out from the foot of the Hakuba-Sanzan Mountains (Hakuba's three mountains) in northwestern Nagano, where you can enjoy skiing, trekking and all kinds of other sports and activities throughout the year.
The magnificent view of the Northern Japan Alps and other beautiful mountains is the most recommended feature of this area. The 6-kilometer-long Happo-One Shizen-Kenkyu-ro (nature study path) is a popular easy trekking course. A ropeway and lift run throughout the year, offering an attractive aerial walk looking down upon a sea of trees.

Azumino is situated in the mid and upstream areas of the Azusa-gawa River to the south of Hakuba. It is a pastoral area that stretches to the north of the Matsumoto Basin. The greenery of the pastures and the remaining snow in the Northern Japan Alps together form a pleasant, peaceful sight. Azumino is also characterized by its many rivers that flow with sparkling clear water from the melting snow. The Daio Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) Farm, the largest farm in Azumino, takes full advantage of this natural gift and produces high quality Japanese horseradishes, which grow only in clean, pure water. Another symbol of Azumino is the Rokuzan Museum, an ivied, church-like building.

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2h 40 min from Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Matsumoto Station by JR Chuo Line (limited express), and 1h from Matsumoto to Hakuba Station by JR Oito Line (limited express). 30 min from Matsumoto to Hotaka Station (Azumino) by JR Oito Line.


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