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Northern Kobe神戸北部


Come visit the breathtaking “The Million Dollar Night View” of Kobe from the Rokko Mountains or the famous Arima Onsen (Hot Spring) which dates back to the 8th century.

Located in southern Hyogo and on the northern coast of the Osaka Bay, the Rokko Mountain belongs to Seto-nai-kai National Park. It is known as the best sightseeing and health resort in the Hanshin (Osaka-Kobe) district. The peak of the mountain is Mount Rokko, which is approximately 931 meters above sea level. The view of Kobe from this viewpoint is breathtaking and has gained the title, “The Million Dollar Night View.”

Mount Rokko are was originally opened as a place for foreigners’ cottages, followed by rapid development into a health resort since when a cable railway was put in service. It boasts a 100 year old, oldest golf course in Japan, a man-made ski site, and the Rokko Ranch run by Kobe City. The Ranch grazes Kiso horses (Japanese breed), Tokara horses and other horses on its spacious ground, attracting 7 million visitors each year.

Located in the north of Kobe, known as “Ura Rokko” (the back of Mt. Rokko), is the Arima hot spring resorts. Arima hot springs is one of the oldest springs in Japan and is said to have been opened since the Buddhist monks built a sanitarium in the 8th century. The hot springs of Arima are very popular as it is often referred to as “the back parlor of Keihanshin” (Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe). The resorts contain a variety of hot springs including sodium-rich springs with sodium content as rich as twice that of seawater, carbonated springs with soda pop flavors and radium springs.


From Tokyo :

About 2 h 50 min to Shin-Kobe Station by JR Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen Line. 20 minutes from Shin-Kobe Station to Hankyu Rokko Station by bus. 33 minutes to Hankyu Rokko Station from Hankyu Umeda Station by Hankyu Dentetsu Railway. 25 minutes from Hankyu Rokko Station to the top of Mt. Rokko by bus.
[Arima Hot Spring]
35 minutes from Shin-Kobe Station by bus. 60 minutes from Umeda Station to Arima-onsen by bus.15 minutes from Mt.Rokko Sancho Station by Ropeway.

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