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Mori Art Museum(Tokyo)
The World's Highest Art Museum, the Mori Art Museum is situated on the top floors of the Mori Tower, the center of Roppongi Hills. This giant complex of restaurants, hotels, TV station, cinemas and boutiques is the latest hot spot for resident and visiting "Ropponjins" seeking cutting-edge urban sophistication in Tokyo's most popular night-life district.
Mori Art Museum's exhibition program focus on contemporary art, as well as featuring the best in photography, design, fashion and architecture from leading-edge work to recent work from Asia and Africa, from the work of young Japanese artists to the international masters.  
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Mori Art Museum  
Mori Art Museum

Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum(Naoshima Island)
Tadao Ando is one of Japan's best known architects, with an international reputation for works such as the Church on the Water and the Church of the Light. Since the 1980s, the museum that Ando designed on Naoshima Island has been attracting the cream of contemporary artists. Nowadays, the Naoshima Art House Project is turning the whole island into a gallery as it renovates old houses to enable artists to work in them and permanently exhibit their works. Naoshima is a fascinating place to stay, too. Share a room with works of art at Benesse House or its Annex, or sleep in a Mongolian tent at the campsite overlooking the sea.

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Ohara Museum of Art(Kurashiki City)
Founded in 1930, this was Japan's first museum devoted to modern western art. The original collection was amassed by a wealthy Kurashiki industrialist, who sent an artist friend to Europe to collect items. The broad variety of art on show here ranges from well-known works by Rodin, El Greco, Monet, Degas, Gauguin, Renoir, and Cezanne to Egyptian and Middle Eastern antiquities. After a visit to the museum, there's plenty to see on a stroll around the beautiful old town of Kurashiki. Don't miss the historic warehouses that line the banks of the Kurashiki-gawa River.
Take the Shinkansen to Okayama: 3 h 10 min (by Nozomi) from Tokyo, 40 min (Nozomi) or 1 h (Hikari) from Osaka. Kurashiki is 15 min from Okayama on the JR Sanyo Line.

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Miho Museum(Shigaraki Town)

Located in the mountains not far from Kyoto, the Miho Museum was designed by renowned architect I. M. Pei. The museum buildings are a work of art in their own right, set spectacularly in a deeply forested mountain valley beyond a tunnel and suspension bridge. The private collection spans the ancient world, illustrating the development of cultures from Egypt, Greece and Rome to the Middle East, China and Japan.

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