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The highlands

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  • Zao hot springs [Yamagata prefecture] 藏王溫泉[山形縣] The spring quality is strongly acidic, and the water here is said to be extremely effective for skin problems. The baths are also called "Hime no Yu" (Princess Bath) from their skin whitening property. Large open air baths along the river are the specialty of the Zao hot spring area. Some of the best ski lodges in Japan are nearby.
  • Nasu hot springs [Tochigi prefecture] 那须温泉[栃木县] These springs are said to have been used since the 7th century. In the 19th century, "Nasu Shichito" (7 types of springs) was opened from the "Shika no Yu", the oldest spring to be discovered. The Nasu Heights with its view of the volcanically active Mount Nasu is packed with sightseeing facilities that are fun for the whole family.