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Riverside hot springs

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  • Noboribetsu hot springs[Hokkaido] 登別溫泉[北海道] This is one of the best hot spring areas in Hokkaido. A large number of ryokan inns and hotels make up the hot spring resort area. There are 9 different types of spring qualities, and sulfuric springs and sodium bicarbonate springs are central. For sightseeing, we recommend "Jigokudani" (Hell Valley), where hot gas and hot spring water can be seen coming straight out of the earth.
  • Akiu hot springs [Miyagi prefecture] 秋保溫泉[宮城縣] These springs were first used in the 6th century, and have one of the most prominent histories even among the long lived hot spring tradition of Japan. The spring area has been designated as one of the royal hot springs of the Imperial Household and given the title of "Imperial Spring". The hot spring resort area is only a short 20-30 minutes by car from Sendai, the core city of the Tohoku region.
  • Shuzenji hot springs [Shizuoka prefecture] 修善寺溫泉[靜岡縣] Katsura River flows through the center of the hot spring resort area, and the riverside is home to hot spring inns. These springs were first developed in the 9th century, and are said to be have been started by the famous monk Kukai. This area is a famous spring area which has long been treasured by Japanese cultural figures and emits an ambiance of history and culture.
  • Tamatsukuri hot springs [Shimane prefecture] 玉造溫泉[島根縣] These ancient springs were first used in the 8th century. Ryokan inns line the Tamayu River. The area is rich in high-grade blue agate, and has served as a production area for the teardrop seed beads called Magatama from days of old. It is also near sightseeing spots like Matsue and Izumo.
  • Ureshino hot springs [Saga prefecture] 嬉野溫泉[佐賀縣] First used in the 8th century, 50 ryokan inns of all sizes now sandwich the Ureshino River in this hot spring area. Selected as one of the three best skin beautification springs in Japan, these sodium bicarbonate baths will give your skin a smooth feeling after bathing. The local specialty is "yudofu" (boiled blocks of tofu).