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Hot springs in the mountains

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  • Nyuto-onsenkyo hot springs[Akita prefecture] 乳頭溫泉郷[秋田縣] This area is made up of a total of seven ryokan inns, including the "Tsurunoyu hot springs" and "Kuronoyu hot springs" located deep in the mountains of the Tohoku region. They are all situated in settings perfect to qualify them as hidden springs (a spring that is located in a secret place).
  • Hanamaki hot springs[Iwate prefecture] 花卷溫泉鄉[岩手縣] Centering around the "Hanamaki hot springs", this area is made up of hot springs in some ten locations, including the "Matsukura hot springs", "Shidotaira hot springs", and "Namari hot springs". They are all rustic hot springs set against the backdrop of the nature of the Tohoku region.
  • Naruko hot springs[Miyagi prefecture] 鳴子溫泉郷[宮城縣] These hot springs are Tohoku region hot springs that have been included in the 100 most popular hot springs in Japan. They are made up of the "Naruko hot springs", "Higashi-Naruko hot springs", "Kawatabi hot springs", "Nakayamadaira hot springs", and "Onikobe hot springs”. The spring quality is great and you are fully treated to the wonderful feel of the great outdoors.
  • Okuhida hot springs[Gifu prefecture] 奥飛驒溫泉郷[岐阜縣] These springs are close to the popular sight seeing area Hida-Takayama. They are made up of the "Hirayu hot springs", "Fukuji hot springs", "Shin-Hirayu hot springs", "Tochio hot springs", and "Shin-Hodaka hot springs". Enjoy bathing amidst the great outdoors near the Hotaka mountain range in the Northern Japanese Alps.
  • Yufuin hot springs[Oita prefecture] 由布院溫泉[大分縣] The hot spring output is 3rd Japan-wide. Film festivals and music festivals are held every summer, and the area foregoes the wild-side in favor of the kind of stylish shops and restaurants that the ladies prefer.
  • Kurokawa hot springs[Kumamoto prefecture] 黑川溫泉[熊本縣] Located north of Mount Aso, this popular hot spring received 2 stars in the 2009 Michelin Green Guide Japan, a rare event for a hot spring area. The ryokan inns, spring quality, and hot spring resort area ambiance are all exceptional.
  • Unzen hot springs[Nagasaki prefecture] 雲仙溫泉[長崎縣] First developed in 701, this hot spring area is located to the south-west of the Fugendake Peak of Mount Unzen, which erupted in 1990. The spring quality is sulfuric, and is said to be good for things like promoting circulation, recovery from fatigue, rheumatism, and chronic skin problems. There are many sightseeing spots in the surrounding area.
  • Asouchinomaki hot springs[Kumamoto prefecture] 阿蘇內牧溫泉[熊本縣] Located at the foot of Mount Aso in Kyushu, this area boasts a large spring output and about 80 spring sources. About 80 springs and near 30 lodging facilities are sprinkled around a vast countryside expanse. The area is also popular among cultural figures.