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Three best hot spring resort areas in Japan

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Three best hot spring resort areas in Japan

The "Hakone hot springs" are famous as being springs that were presented to the shogun in the Edo era; the "Beppu hot springs" feature a famous attraction called the "Jigoku Meguri" (Hell Tour); and the "Atami hot springs", which are also called "the Naples of the East", have an incredible night view. Each hot spring area offers its own unique souvenir shops, amusement facilities, and bath strolls, and there are fun things to do for both the day and night. `

  • ”Hakone hot springs”[Kanagawa prefecture] 箱根溫泉[神奈川縣] The development of these springs is ancient at some 1,300 years ago. Hakone is dotted with numerous hot springs. In particular, Hakone Yumoto is close to Tokyo, which serves as a gateway to Hakone, and emits a hot spring resort area atmosphere.
  • Atami hot springs[Shizuoka prefecture] 熱海溫泉[靜岡縣] This hot spring resort area extends along the coastline with mountains jutting up right from the ocean. Historically this is a very old hot spring area as well, serving as a spring for the shogun in the Edo era and the setting for many novels written by literary giants.
  • Beppu hot springs[Oita prefecture] 別府溫泉[大分縣] This area is the best in Japan in terms of the number of spring sources and volume of output. A great deal of hot springs comes together here, and visitors can experience all kinds of hot spring features, from different spring qualities and water properties to geothermal power generation. The area also has an abundance of sightseeing spots like the Beppu Jigoku Meguri (Hell Tour).