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Three best beautification springs in Japan

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Three best beautification springs in Japan

Just getting in the spring will give you smooth skin... Hot springs with this incredible reputation are called "beautification springs" (bijin-yu). Among these wonderful springs are three springs said to be the "three best beautification springs in Japan": the "Ryujin hot springs", located along the Koya-Ryujin Quasi-National Park and Hidaka River; the "Yunokawa hot springs", home to an ancient tragic love legend; and the "Kawanaka hot springs", which have a just-right water temperature.

  • Kawanaka hot springs[Gunma prefecture] 川中溫泉[群馬縣] The spring water comes out of a river, and the spring quality is sulfuric. The popularity of this spring as a beautification spring is said to be linked to the beautiful white skin of the local women who used it in days of old.
  • Ryujin hot springs[Wakayama prefecture] 龍神溫泉[和歌山縣] This is the best colorless and clear sodium hydrogen carbonate spring (sodium bicarbonate spring) in Japan. It cleans away dirty natural skin oils, promotes liver vitality, and promotes beautification not only in the surface skin but from the inside of the body as well.
  • Yunokawa hot springs[Shimane prefecture] 湯之川溫泉[島根縣] This is a hot spring area amidst the mountains that hid a tragic love in days of old. A legend exists of an ancient princess who washed away her travel fatigue and became even more beautiful. Experience the magic of romance here.