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Hot springs easy to enjoy in Tokyo

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  • LAQUA LaQua The location is central Tokyo, right near JR Suidobashi Station. Enjoy downtown entertainment facilities and Tokyo Dome City. A full lineup of open air baths filled with natural hot spring water spewing forth from 1,700 meters underground and "attraction baths" as well as saunas.
  • Ooedo Onsen Monogatari 大江戶溫泉物語 This is a hot spring theme park located in the popular Tokyo spot Odaiba. Enjoy a "time travel hot spring" that takes you back to a Japan of 200 years ago.
  • Toshimaen "Niwa no yu" 豐島園「庭之湯」 This spring is located in Toshimaen, a famous Tokyo Amusement park. The park has an intense lineup of events and facilities like summertime pool fun, blastoff fireworks, and the Toshimaen Forest Insect Hall. The "Niwa no yu" in Toshimaen is a unique hot spring combining the hot spring styles of Japan and all over the world.