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Entertainment oriented hot springs

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  • Iwakiyumoto hot springs [Fukushima prefecture] IWAKI(磐城)湯本溫泉[福島縣] Said to have been used since the 7th century, these springs have a good spring quality and are also famous as beautification baths. The west side of the hot spring resort area is home to large scale hot spring resort facilities. There is a hot spring pool and leisure facilities, and the hula dancing shows are particularly popular.

    *Affected by the earthquake in March 2011, some facilities have been closed for business. Please confirm the situation by the internet or telephone in advance before you visit the facilities.
  • Nagashima hot springs [Mie prefecture] 長島溫泉[三重縣] Located at the farthest most downriver point of Kiso River and Nagara River, these springs are extremely close to Nagoya. This is a popular mega leisure land with hotels, non-lodging bath facilities, and theme park fun.