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The three most famous springs in Japan

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The three most famous springs in Japan

The "Kusatsu hot spring" boast a spring output of 4,000 liters per minute, the "Gero hot spring" are said to have been revealed by an injured egret, and the "Arima hot springs" are counted among the three oldest springs in Japan (these springs came to be called the "Three most famous springs in Japan" from around the 18th century).

  • Kusatsu hot springs
    [Gunma prefecture]
    Kusatsu hot springs Rated as the best in Japan in the Edo era, 300 years ago, these springs constitute one of the most preeminent springs of Japan in both reputation and in fact. The spring quality is acidic and is said to help alleviate skin problems, neuralgia, and diabetes.
  • Gero hot springs
    [Gifu prefecture]
    Gero hot springs With 1000 years of history, the story of its discovery was famous as the "Egret Legend". In the riverbed of Mashita River, which cuts through the hot spring area, lies an open air bath dubbed the Funsenchi, which could be called a symbol of the "Gero hot springs".
  • Arima hot springs
    [Hyogo prefecture]
    Arima hot springs The Arima hot springs have an extensive history, and have long been treasured by the royal family, nobles, and cultural figures since days of old. It is even said to be one of the oldest springs in Japan. The spring quality is excellent, and the springs are referred to as the Kinsen ("golden spring," a carbonic acid spring) and Ginsen ("silver spring," a radium spring).