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Regardless of nationality, one interest women have is makeup. If you are interested in Japanese-style makeup, you should take a look at their eye makeup products. In particular, "fake eyelashes" that produce distinct eyes are a popular item that you must not miss. There are hundreds of types of products, and just imagining how those will change your look is fun. A feature of Japanese products is their use of high technology, as you would expect. Produced with attention to detail, they are easy-to-use and gentle on the skin. From among many companies, in this article we will introduce "KOJI HONPO", the top brand in Japan. We will share information such as recommended products by type and the company's commitment to quality; please use this information when choosing "fake eyelashes" for yourself.

Make your eyes look big and give your face a glamorous yet natural expression with fake eyelashes!

Among Japanese-style makeup products, in which emphasis is placed on the impression of the eyes, eye makeup is most important. By using fake eyelashes that provide more volume than mascara, you can make your eyes look bigger and glamorous. Fake eyelashes can make your eyes look big and glamorous. They have advanced to become safe, easy-to-use and available in a variety of types, and are used by Japanese people not just for special occasions, but as a necessary daily item.
In 1947, KOJI HONPO developed the first fake eyelashes in Japan, deriving their concept from handmade fake eyelashes worn by geisha. Since then, many improvements have been made and there are many products that are gentle on the skin and feel natural. Fake eyelashes were introduced to the Japanese market in 1947. They were developed by KOJI HONPO, with a concept derived from geisha makeup and then commercialized. When the fashion of foreign models such as Twiggy became popular in Japan in the 1970s, a fake eyelash boom began among women in general. Although the boom cooled down, from the late 1990s the "gal fashion" boom began, mainly among high school-aged girls, in which a large amount of makeup was applied. The impression of eyes that convey strong will is called "mejikara (eye power)", and girls used their ingenuity to enhance their "mejikara". In the 2000s, gal fashion also began to spread among women in general, and fake eyelashes became a necessary item. Nowadays, a wide range of women, from high-school girls to office workers, use fake eyelashes.


Choose fake eyelashes to become who you want to be.

If you explore the section where fake eyelashes are sold, you will be surprised by their enormous variety. In the following, we will explain how to choose fake eyelashes according to the image you want to produce or depending on the situation and how to wear them. Let's create your ideal eyes with fake eyelashes!
Natural style
Lash Concierge Eyelash No. 1 Pure smile/No. 7 Crown sweet
With natural volume and a translucent color, they blend in with your own eyelashes, producing a natural look. (¥945 / each [incl. tax])
Products of this type are recommended for those new to fake eyelashes, as they have a clear base and fewer lash bundles. They also do not come off easily and are natural looking. By attaching them so that your eyelashes appear between the lash bundles and blending them together, they will look natural for everyday use, even in your workplace. When you want an even more natural look, it is recommended that you use half lashes along the outer edges of the eyes or that you cut fake lashes to your desired width.
Harajuku style
Spring Heart Eyelash 04/08
Voluminous fake eyelashes that produce impressive eyes. The thick base adds emphasis to the eye line. (¥399 / each [incl. tax])
Harajuku fashion is a unique style with impact that symbolizes Japanese "kawaii" culture, and voluminous fake eyelashes with impact fit this fashion. It is recommended that you choose a product with full lashes. In particular, if you have inner double-eyelids, fake eyelashes with a thick base are recommended. Apply glue to the upper side of the base string of the fake eyelashes, and attach the lashes to your eyes with the tips curling upward to emphasize your eyes. Next, apply eyeliner and other makeup products to achieve balance.
"Gal" style
Dolly Wink Eyelash No. 1 Dolly sweet / No. 5 Real nude (for bottom lashes)
Produce downward-slanted doll eyes by adding volume to your eyelashes along the inner corner to the center. (¥1260 / each [incl. tax])
In "gal" fashion, popular styles change very quickly. The current popular style is to wear fake eyelashes that make the eyes look downward-slanted, in order to produce a sweet, doll-like look. The key is to attach fake eyelashes so that they extend about 5 mm off of the eyes. If you wear fake bottom lashes, you can make your eyes look even bigger and brighter. In particular, as Asian ladies tend to have sparse bottom lashes, their impressions change dramatically when they wear fake bottom lashes.


Fastidious design, safe quality

All fake eyelashes produced by KOJI HONPO are handmade by craftsmen with a strong commitment to quality. Variety and an attention to detail in the design of their products, such as graduated lengths or volumes, are something only Japanese products can realize. In particular, tapered lash tips that make them look natural are a feature of the fake eyelashes produced by KOJI HONPO. Their commitment to quality is not limited to fake eyelashes alone; for example, the glue for attaching fake eyelashes is made using natural rubber latex, which is also used as a cosmetic ingredient, in consideration to the skin. The company is also attentive to safety; for example, products that use acrylic resin as their main ingredient are available for those with latex allergies.

Get yourself fake eyelashes!

Fake eyelashes are available at drugstores or variety goods stores in Japan. It will be fun to get several types and find out which one suits you. They are also perfect for souvenirs for women.
Store information
Store name: Don Quijote Shibuya
Address: 2-25-8 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Open hours: 10:00 AM - 4:30 AM
Holidays: None


Since they began selling fake eyelashes for the first time in Japan in 1947, KOJI HONPO has always pioneered the development of fake eyelashes. The company offers wide-ranging products, from products for beginners to products for professionals. In addition, they also offer other products such as "Eye Talk" for making double-fold eyelids, eyeliners and eyebrow liners, as well as items necessary for fake eyelashes, including scissors and tweezers. In 2013, the company will participate in the Japan Expo held in Paris, so that fashion-conscious women around the world can try out their fake eyelashes. The company is therefore expected to expand its share in the global market in the future.


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